Head shot of Dr. Herb Hooper – longtime faculty member

50 Faces of Gratitude: Dr. Herb Hooper

by Dr. Herb Hooper – faculty

As a young boy, I, along with many other young boys in the 1950’s, dreamed of one day playing baseball in the major leagues. After graduating from college, reality quickly set in.

It’s been 48 years, and I continue to teach mathematics in what I consider to be the major league of community colleges. I am grateful to Chattanooga State for the professional opportunities it has provided me. I am grateful for progressive presidents such as Ed Sessions, Dr. Charley Branch, and  Dr. Jim Catanzaro. I am grateful for colleagues who are committed to excellence in teaching and community service. I am grateful for students who everyday challenge me to do my best. I was not able to play at Fenway, Wrigley, or Yankee Stadium, but thanks to Chattanooga State, I did make the major leagues.

6 thoughts on “50 Faces of Gratitude: Dr. Herb Hooper”

  1. Dr. Hooper and some mutual friends changed our family life when they encouraged my wife to finish her college degree. He was a guide, an encourager and true educator for Paula. Today, her professional life is fulfilling and meaningful. Thanks Herb.

  2. Great story, Herb, and congratulations on 48 years of teaching! Also thanks for your leadership during the 10 years I spent as adjunct in the Developmental Math department in the ’80s and ’90s.

  3. Dr. Hooper, It must have been our early upbringing that started you on the road to success. I guess it began with our making contributions to the war effort, courtesy of Garret Fitzgerald and his farm. We did our part. Congratulations on so many great years in education. Your neighbor.

  4. Dr. Hooper is a constant source of encouragement to all who know him at our church. I am thankful that my children get to interact with him. He shows by example what a life of service means. He’s not just a smart professor who teaches in a classroom. He’s a lifelong learner whose enthusiasm for life begs you to come along and be involved. He is in the big league in my book!

  5. Thanks, Dr. Hooper, for many things – giving me a chance to teach, being a mentor, and being a friend. Congratulations on 48 years!

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