Your future is A Big deal campaign with student photo

A Big Deal Indeed

To have the number one state in the Southeast for high quality jobs, we have to have a well-educated workforce to attract and fill those jobs.” -Governor Bill Haslam

Chattanooga State is proud to be a part of Tennessee’s unified Community College System, which includes a total of 13 community colleges governed by the Tennessee Board of Regents. Working together to meet the workforce needs of our state is a big deal.

So is the future of our students. Getting a degree is a big deal:

“Turning my education into a dream job-that’s a big deal to me.”

“Getting a fresh start in today’s job market–that’s a big deal to me.”

We think it’s a big deal that our students pay up to 55% less than students at four-year colleges and for-profit schools in Tennessee*. And getting a good paying job is a big deal, too. The average first-year earnings of a Tennessee Community College graduate completing an associate’s degree is $38,948*.

*State-level analysis: Help wanted – projections of jobs and education requirements through 2018, The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforces, June 2010.



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