Challenge Yourself. Change the World.

Billboards have been spotted around town promoting our new Global Scholars honors program at Chattanooga State Community College. Learn more here about this exciting initiative designed to challenge honors students to change the world.


Internationalization at Chattanooga State

Global/Cultural Awareness: Students, as citizens and educated members of their communities, need to know and appreciate their own human cultural heritage and its development in a historical and global context. Through the study of other cultures, students develop an understanding, which they otherwise would not have, of the present as informed by the past. Students develop skills that allow them to understand and Continue reading Internationalization at Chattanooga State

The Pathway to a High-Demand, High–Wage Field in Advanced Manufacturing Starts at ChattState

I am excited to feature one of the newest departments within the Engineering Division at Chattanooga State Community College–the Institute of Material Joining and Testing (IMJAT). Catherine Bovell, IMJAT Career Counselor, shares with us the exciting Associate’s degree programs offered within IMJAT that provide rapid training and retraining designed to meet the needs of area employers and employees. The two career pathways are Welding Engineering Technology and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), both high-demand and high-wage fields in advanced manufacturing. Continue reading The Pathway to a High-Demand, High–Wage Field in Advanced Manufacturing Starts at ChattState

New Accelerated March Term

Chattanooga State is always on the leading-edge, and this spring something extra special is happening. ChattState is rolling out its first-ever March term. What is the March term? It is a second Spring semester, starting later than the traditional January term while still ending in May. Continue reading New Accelerated March Term