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Causeway connects with our Passport to Latino-American Challenge

You’ve already heard about Culture Fest 2014! It’s just around the corner, and we hope you are making plans to attend. We are also very excited to announce that our project, Passport to Latino-American Challenge, was one of 20 recently selected among 150 applicants for the recent causeway challenge. We are honored to be among great company. You can see the list of all the causeway challenge winners here.

So what is the Passport to Latino-American Challenge? Let me tell you all about it!

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 2.59.20 PMWe want to connect the local Latino community with the broader Chattanooga community. In spring 2015, ChattState’s International Outreach Office will be hosting the first Latin Festival at Highland Park in Chattanooga (stay tuned for more details later). The Passport Challenge will be used as a fun cultural learning experience that will “challenge” the participants to connect with 24 educational booths and activities to get your passport “stamped”. At each booth, participants will have an opportunity to learn about a different Latin country or cultural experience. Prizes are based on the number of passport stamps (via stickers) each participant receives during the Latin Festival 2015.

The Application to participate in the Passport to Latino-American Challenge is available online here as part of Hispanic Heritage Month. Register today because the challenge is limited to 500 participants.

Thank you causeway for supporting our community connection.

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