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Dr. Corinne Hoisington energizes faculty

Chattanooga State faculty were wowed by a presentation from Dr. Corinne Hoisington in early January. A community college professor herself, Dr. Hoisington showcased some cutting edge technologies that she’s employing in her classrooms.

She quoted Ravindranath Tagor:

“Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.”

Going on, she explained that it is critical to use the right teaching tools, focusing especially on those tools that put students in the driver’s seat. She encouraged instructors to bring their lessons to life by using interactive tools.

“Don’t see the mobile devices as a detriment,” Dr. Hoisington said. Instead, instruct students to use their smartphones and tablets in the classroom to enhance the learning experience. By doing that, we can respect diverse talents and ways of learning. To demonstrate the effect, she directed faculty members to visit a page on the web site, ZeeMaps, and input certain far-away destinations. Instantly, those destinations popped up on the large screen at the front of the room. She was able, then, to interact directly with instructors who had input those points on the map. It’s a simple application, yet impactful.

She demonstrated a couple of other newer education tools: videonot.es and a PowerPoint add-in called Mix.Office.com, which enable more interactive classrooms. By using these technologies, we’re able to engage students in more active learning.

Going into more esoteric technologies, which perhaps aren’t quite ready for classrooms in 2015, she demonstrated GoogleGlass. At $1,500 for the device, it’s probably not reasonable to expect students to be wearing them yet. She wrapped up with some videos about Augmented Reality (AR). To see a demonstration, watch this brief Youtube video:

Dr. Hoisington gave an astonishing presentation. Faculty members, department heads and deans were buzzing about the exciting new tools that she exhibited.

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