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New Accelerated March Term

Chattanooga State is always on the leading-edge, and this spring something extra special is happening. ChattState is rolling out its first-ever March term. What is the March term? It is a second Spring semester, starting later than the traditional January term while still ending in May.

Why is this significant? ChattState has a history of serving our students and their needs, and as a result, campus leaders continue to pursue strategies to better serve our students. As the college stays on the forefront of student services, we are now providing the option of enrolling at an additional time while also delivering accelerated courses.

Ultimately, as ChattState’s mission statement says, the goal of our college is “to transform lives.” Every day we have the opportunity to watch people improve themselves and become empowered to start a new journey, live their dreams and discover their purpose. And I would personally like to say thank you Chattanooga State for your role in my life. As a recent alum of Chattanooga State, I know this first hand.

Chattanooga State’s eight-week accelerated March term begins on March 17 and ends on May 2. Learn more here and checkout the courses here.

-Dale Grisso

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