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Olivia Kilgore: “I will be the FIRST…”

by Olivia Kilgore, a current Chattanooga State Global Scholars Honors Student

Being a First in the Family Scholar has allowed me to attend college and not face financial struggles. I have been enabled to pay for my books without applying for student loans. It has also allowed to continue my education in hopes of graduating with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Non-Destructive Testing Technology in the Spring of 2017.

Not only have I been able to reach for my educational goals, I have developed a strong personal goal: Be a first in the family graduate from college. Before I received this scholarship, I hadn’t really thought about what being a “first in the family scholar” truly meant. When I graduate from college, I will be the FIRST person in my family to graduate from college. Not the second, third, fourth, and so on to have graduated. That’s a huge accomplishment by itself! I will have accomplished something that no family member has. By receiving this scholarship, it has become a driving force behind my goal to graduate in the future. I am grateful for those who have made the First in the Family Scholarship possible for me and all of the other recipients.

Thank you.

You can give directly to our First in the Family Scholarship here, or join us December 3rd for our Dinner of Firsts benefit. All proceeds go to our First in the Family Scholarship, For more information visit

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